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NCLL Spring Season Cancelled
by posted 06/10/2020

Dear NCLL Families and Friends,
After much hand wringing and hoping for the best cases for resuming our season that never came, the NCLL Board has voted to officially cancel the remaining Spring 2020 season. This was a painful decision for us.  I know this may be especially frustrating and perhaps confusing as news reports are coming in about Little Leagues in other parts of the country returning to play.  But the overarching guidance from Little League is to follow your region's guidelines, and California, and the Bay Area in particular, are taking more conservative approaches to lifting restrictions than other regions.  As we push into summer, it became clear that our hopes of treating this like an extended rain delay were not going to come to fruition. For various reasons, any resumption of play scenarios would have necessitated redrafting teams and basically starting over from scratch.  So with this and the continued uncertainty about the timing and restrictions of Alameda County's rules/guidance on resuming sports activities, we came to the disappointing conclusion that we should just cancel the remainder of this season and focus on planning for what comes next. 
Before getting to the "next", let's address the bookkeeping for Spring.  You should know we did incur expenses for uniforms (even the free A's ones needed numbering), equipment, maintenance, snack shack supplies, insurance, etc, and we did miss out on our big fundraisers.  But because of the amazing support and generous donations of several individuals, families, and sponsors, and some saving up for potential future big projects, we do have enough reserve funds available to issue full refunds of spring registration fees to any family that requests them before August 31.  That said, we would certainly appreciate and encourage any families that are able, to please consider the spring registration fees to be a donation to the league and an investment in future seasons.  If you do need or prefer to request a refund, we will be providing a link to a web form by early next week, and we will do our best to return your funds as soon as possible.  Refund requests must be received by August 31, 2020; if no request is received by that date, any fees paid will be considered a donation. Also if you need a donation receipt, we will be happy to provide one on request.  We will also be sending guidance to team parents shortly, but while we will be refunding snack shack ticket costs, please understand they probably can't get refunds for already purchased banners/pennants/etc.
Now for the "next", we need your input.  We are still exploring options for Fall Ball and possibly other summer activities.  One idea is to start Fall Ball as early as possible. Other ideas include mini-tournaments, clinics, "pick-up games".  All of these ideas require extensive planning and training on new social distancing and sanitation guidelines and enforcement, so we need to hear from you on when/if you would be willing to consider having your kids in baseball activities, in relation to green lights from the health offices.  A very short survey will be coming out early next week (along with the form to request refund or donation options).  Between now and then, take a minute or two to think about where on the spectrum you might fall from "we'll be on the field ASAP" to "let's see what school will look like first" to "we're moving, bye" and/or what types of baseball activities would be appealing (or not).
I just want to close by saying thank you for your patience and understanding the past couple months.  Extra special thanks to our coaches, managers, team parents, and everyone who has donated their time and energy into the league and preparing our kids for a season that barely had a chance to get started.  We were all feeling so lucky with the lack of rain during the preseason, and I hope everyone remembers to be thankful for the practices and scrimmages and the couple games we did get in, even though they seem so long ago now.  We hope that you are staying safe and sane during these unprecedented times, and we really can't wait to see you and your players out at the fields again, whenever and in whatever form that may take.  Look for another communication on Monday or Tuesday as I mentioned above.
Wishing you all good health,
The NCLL Board
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Congratulations to the District 14 Majors Champions
by posted 07/09/2019

Congratulations to the 2019 District 14 International Little League Tournament Champions!   

The team will move on to play in the Section Three Little League International All Star tournament hosted by District 57.

Games will be begin on Saturday, July 13th & will be played at Osage Park (899 Brookside Dr., Danville CA)

Come out & support the team!!!

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