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NCLL has switched to an online background check system for all volunteers and will no longer be using paper volunteer application forms.  After your registration, NCLL will be providing your name and email address to JDP, a Little League approved online platform to conduct your background check.  You will be receiving an email from NCLL which contains a link to an online volunteer application for you to complete. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Background Checks

What is NCLL’s policy on background checks?

In accordance with Little League Regulation 1( c )9, NCLL is required to have all board members, managers, coaches, and other volunteers who provide regular service to the league and/or who have repetitive access to or contact with players or teams to fill out the official Little League® Volunteer Application; conduct a background check on these individuals on an annual basis; and utilize JDP Background Screening or another comparable background check provider. This a core element of NCLL’s Safety Plan. 

What type of background check is required?

Background checks are required to access nationwide sex offender registry data and criminal records.  

Who is responsible for processing background check information for NCLL members?

The NCLL safety officer and other designated board members will conduct background checks for league members.  The aforementioned individuals also undergo background checks that are processed by other board members. 

How are background checks conducted?

JDP Background Screening is a Little League approved provider of background checks. NCLL utilizes the JDP QuickApp to upload the names and email addresses of volunteers. The volunteer will then receive an email from NCLL with a link to the Little League Volunteer Application. The volunteer must complete this online application and provide his/her social security  number to initiate the background check.  Use of JDP QuickApp enhances the protection of sensitive, personal information, such as social security numbers.  This information is secured within the JDP environment and is not released or visible to any third party, including NCLL board members.

What will result in termination of a volunteer under Little League regulations?

Any background check that reveals a conviction of any crime involving or against a minor must result in immediate termination from the league. Additionally, volunteers who refuse to submit a fully completed Little League Volunteer Application, along with a government issued photo ID, must be immediately terminated or eliminated from consideration for any position. 

Where can I get additional information about Little League’s regulation on background checks or the background check provider JDP?

Educational resources for parents/guardians, volunteers, and league officials on the above topics can be found at:

What if I have additional questions about the background check process at NCLL?

E-mail additional questions to the NCLL Safety Officer at

Adapted from: Frequently Asked Background Check Questions.  Retrieved from December 11, 2018