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Game Balls

Umpires - 1) Please check that only baseballs licensed by Little League are used during games. Baseballs shall be printed with one of two designations: "RS" (for regular season play) or "RS-T" (for regular season and tournament play). Practice baseballs are not to be used during games. (Tee ball: The ball may carry the words "Little League Tee Ball".) 

Pitch Count Rules

Coaches & Umpires - We have new guidelines for days of rest and pitch count. The guidelines apply to all levels of play where player-pitch is used. 

Umpiring Duties

Home Plate and Base Umpires will be assigned by the Umpire-In-Chief for all levels of play (except Farm and T-ball).  All levels of teams (including T-ball and Farm) will be given Team Base Umpiring Assignments.  Managers are responsible for their team's umpiring assignments.

Click image to visit ArbiterSports website and check your teams umpiring assignments.  If you need further assistance, please contact .



NCLL Umpiring wants YOU to umpire!

And we want you to feel comfortable while doing it!


We have several training opportunities for new and experienced umpires. District 14 hosts training
clinics for all divisions of play and for umpires of all levels of experience. (This year, we are also joining
with District 15 for a 70’/90’ Clinic in Danville).

These clinics are open to all league and district umpires, managers, coaches, officials and parents.
Instructors are all district umpires and have taught clinics at the local, sectional and regional levels. We
hope to see you there!

If you have any questions, please contact me: Jeanine DeBacker, NCLL UIC,




Rule Summaries

Summary of Rule 4.04 & 5.07 - Continous Batting Order

Summary of Rule 8.06 - Visits to the Pitcher

Umpire References

Beginning Umpire Mechanics Clinic

90ft Diamond Basic Umpire Responsibilities

2011 NCLL Field Ground Rules

9-Man Lineup Card Instructions