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NCLL’s Handbook for Coaches

Niles-Centerville Little League’s official handbook can be found here


Tips & videos on teaching Little League Pitching Mechanics

Three simple tips to teach little leaguers proper pitching mechanics, from Phil Rosengren of  Click here


Pitch Count Rules & Guidelines

All of the rules & guidelines as it pertains to pitch counts, days of rest, pitching eligibilty, etc.  Click here...


Learning about arm safety & how to advocate for pitching safe

USA Baseball and MLB team up to help young players reduce arm injuries by providing a comprehensive resource for safe pitching practices. Baseball is a safe game to play at all ages, but research has shown that pitching too much — particularly at a young age — can increase a pitcher's risk of injury.  Read more here…


All about the new Little League Bats

As of January 1, 2018,  the new USA Baseball Bat Standard will be implemented. Little League-approved baseball bats   that are approved for use for the 2017 season will no longer be acceptable for use in any Little League game or activity starting on January 1, 2018.


For an online resource page dedicated the use of the new bats, go here.

Complete 2018 Little League Bat List

The following is a list of bats that meet the new USA Baseball Bat Standard for little


NCLL Safety Program

The coaching staff must be prepared and properly equipped to handle a medical emergency when a player becomes sick or injured.  Coaches should review safety manual provided by the league to familiarize themselves with accident reporting procedures, incident/injury reporting responsibilities, and other player safety guidelines.

2021 NCLL Safety Manual

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Fact Sheet for Players and Parents

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Training 


USA Baseball: Adult Abuse Awareness Training

NCLL Incident/Injury Report

Concussion Information


Rules & Regulations

NCLL By-laws

NCLL Field Ground Rules

NCLL Batting Cage Rules

NCLL Constitution

First time coaching?

Some useful advice for first time coaches can be found here


Useful resources & blogs on coaching Little League Baseball

Little League University

Positive Coaching Alliance

Baseball Positive

Various Tips & Drills

Official Little League baseball coaching info