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The NCLL Experience

What can I expect?

Niles-Centerville Little League enjoys a reputation as one of the premier youth sports leagues in the area. Here are a few tips to make the Little League experience the best it can be for you and your player.

League Costs______________

These are costs you can definitely count on to be a part of your season at Niles-Centerville Little League.

Registration: $85-220/player

This is only an average cost, as it can go up or down, depending on the age and date you register your player. The sooner, the better for you (cheaper).

Snack Tickets: $30

Every player gets a Snack Shack ticket after each game, which entitles them to $2.00 worth of treats. Team Parents will collect this cost.

Hit-a-thon: $30

This is NCLL’s single biggest fundraiser, and we ask each player to secure a minimum of $30 in pledges. Some families choose to write a check to cover that promise rather than gather pledges. Hit-a-thon will take place in April. Team Parents will help coordinate this event for your team.

Team Costs________________

You will absolutely see some of these costs, but maybe not all of them. And costs will be different from family to family, as well as team to team.


Team Pictures: $10-50+

Your choice, your money: select from a variety of packages and product options.

Team Party: $5-10+

A few choose not to do a party, but many teams plan an end-of season event for the whole family. Oftentimes a small amount is collected to cover the cost of food and/or entertainment.

Team T-shirt: $15-20

Some teams may order a custom-designed shirt for players and parents as a way to unify the team and recognize the season.

Coaches’ Gifts: $5-10+

To acknowledge the coaching staff for a season full of effort, teams like to purchase a gift certificate or other small gift.

Trophy: $5-15

This is a team decision. Some like to honor the players with a medallion, a small trophy, or even a team t-shirt. And some teams choose to buy nothing.

Field Rental: $0-60+

As the players get older and the competition gets stiffer, some teams choose to practice as much as 3-4 times a week. To accommodate that kind of dedication, a team has to find other places to practice beyond NCLL, and that will cost extra money.


Season Timeframe________________

Spring League


Usually occur during the first 2 weekends in January


Usually start in Early February and continue through the season and post-season

Season Play

Runs from early March until early June

Post-Season Play

Only Minor A teams and up qualify for post-season play. It begins in early June and can continue until the team is eliminated or potentially until the Little League World Series in August.



NCLL supplies some equipment to the teams, but a player will need a few items beyond a fielding glove and cleats. Prices can vary wildly.

Glove: $30-100+

You don’t have to spend a fortune, but don’t try to be too cheap, either. The glove should be made of leather (not vinyl or plastic) and it should fit: 8–11” is perfect for most players.

Bat: $30-300

Each team is supplied with bats by the league. However, many players prefer to purchase their own. Once again, it’s not necessary to spend a lot of money. But the bat needs to be Little League® Approved, and sized correctly for your player.

Cleats: $25-100+

Nothing fancy, just well-fitting. The players wear rubber cleats until they play at the Junior level... then its metal spikes.

Extra Pants: $15+

It’s nice to have an extra pair of baseball pants for practices. Available at your local sporting goods store, or from the NCLL Equipment Shack (while supplies last).


Time Commitments_______________

The only way Niles-Centerville Little League continues to be a fun experience is if everyone pitches in and does their part to make it so. Give a little, or give a lot... but plan on giving something.

NCLL Field Work Day (1-3 hours)

This one day in February, NCLL parents get together to tackle some of the tougher yard projects and help get the facilities in shape for the season.

Umpiring (1-2 games or more)

Every team at every level is assigned up to 8 games to umpire the bases, and it’s important that everyone (Dads and Moms) contribute to the cause. Don’t panic: NCLL will train you with a very fun, half-day clinic.

Snack Shack Duty (4 hours)

All teams are assigned Snack Shack duty. Each 4-hour shift is fulfilled as a team either in the evening or on a Saturday. Team Parents will coordinate.

Special Projects

If you have a special skill (carpentry, plumbing, electrician, etc.) and would like to offer your services to help complete a special work project, your extra volunteer effort is always appreciated.



Fall Ball

NCLL also participates in an inter-league Fall season. It is an 8-game schedule on Saturdays in September & October.