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New 2022 Rules

Mandatory Play – includes a complete at bat - Regulation IV(i), Rule 2.00 and Rule 3.03 are clarified. 

Basically, the first time through the lineup, there are no SPRs (“Special Pinch Runners”) or substitute / pinch runners.  This is for both continuous and 9-man lineup. For 9-man, you’ll need to keep this in mind as the game progresses and your subs go in- the first time that sub goes in, the batter must complete the “at bat” per below.

To complete a Mandatory Play “At bat” – the player must enter the batter’s box with no count and complete that time at bat by:

  • Being retired as a batter
  • Being retired as a batter/runner
  • After reaching base, scores
  • After reaching base, the inning or game ends 

Daily Pitch Count.

Regulation VI(c).  The basic rule we focus on is that if a pitcher hits their daily threshold while pitching to a batter, they can complete that “at bat” to that batter.  This rule clarifies that the pitcher doesn’t have to stay in if this happens!  A pitcher who has exceeded their daily pitch count limit may be removed from the mound prior to the batter completing his/her at bat. Meaning, the pitcher can be removed “mid-batter” without penalty – it doesn’t change how we count the pitches.

Regulation VI(d).  This change just clarifies that the pitch count for the days’ rest threshold is set by the first pitch to a batter. A Pitcher may not start a new batter once the pitch count limit set at the first pitch to the batter is reached.

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